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Design Management

The design process is an iterative process and needs the leadership of an experienced Design Manager, in much the same way as a successful orchestral recital needs the guiding hand of the conductor.

Precon provides expert leadership throughout the design phases of projects.

“We understand that the design phase represents the single biggest opportunity to add value, minimize risk and manage costs. Design is the foundation on which a successful project is built”
– Geoff Horne

Precon will introduce the processes, workshop structures and methodologies fundamental to project success i.e. the mechanisms for:

  • Briefing
  • Stakeholder management
  • Development and critical evaluation of design options
  • Regular and timely cost advice
  • An effective review and approval procedure

Good Design Management involves the proactive and progressive evaluation of design decisions; maximising value-added opportunities, minimizing project risks and assisting with the appropriate allocation of budget. Our well-run design process will facilitate timely decision making and ensure programme and quality objectives are met.