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Our Services

Design Management

The design process is an iterative process and needs the leadership of an experienced Design Manager, in much the same way as a successful orchestral recital needs the guiding hand of the conductor. Precon provides expert leadership throughout the design phases of projects.

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Pre-construction & ECI

Our company is founded on extensive preconstruction knowledge and we actively promote Early Contractor Involvement (ECI). This investment is fundamental in informing design decisions, buildability and shaping documentation and consenting requirements.

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We have developed a simple Work Sequence Planning approach to the design process that provides a framework or roadmap for the design and construction process. Our programmes incorporate procurement options, buildability reviews and initial consenting strategies.

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Construction Project Management

Precon provides comprehensive construction project management services. Our commercial expertise, innovation, strategic approach and market knowledge combine to add value to all projects. Our ability to identify issues and facilitate effective decision making is what sets us apart.

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