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Values & Drivers


Our key people are amongst the very best in their field. Collectively we form a well-rounded team, with wide skills coverage and more than able to deliver your project.


We value getting to understand our client’s needs and cherish working alongside our clients to help their projects succeed. We enjoy the design process and the richness of the User Group environment, working alongside designers, building owners, tenants and/or service users. Together we deliver projects that not only meet but exceed expectations.


We are not shy in exploring opportunities nor afraid to ask tough questions. We test theories, alternatives and ideas and hold fast to what is good. We will nudge the project team to challenge the preconceived, with a fundamental best-for-project approach.


We bring an energy, passion and commitment that motivates project teams to achieve the very best outcomes. Our people are invested in their projects and this ownership differentiates us from the competition. We are passionate about initiatives that are more than just a building and relish projects that contribute to society in more than just material ways.


Our approach to project management encourages new ideas and initiatives but evaluates these against risk, cost and programme. We are conscious that not every opportunity needs to be taken. We provide a steady hand on the tiller.


We think outside the square. We do not practice “post box” project management. We bring a strategic approach to projects; investing heavily in project establishment and project planning phases. Our clear and concise thinking on staging, implementation and construction methodologies lights the path for design and documentation requirements. Investment in effective upfront planning prepares the way for successful project completion.


We offer our services to a limited number of clients. Our preference is to partner with clients who value expertise, are cognizant of quality and understand risk. Our clients are generally long-term investors or building owners.